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The PEPATO | GROUP offers a wide variety of services in the areas of marketing and communications.


In marketing, the PEPATO | GROUP initially conducts an independent review of all internal and external factors that may influence the strategic performance of the company. On the basis of a solid fact base and in cooperation with the client, our team then develops effective strategies for the relevant industry and target audiences. Furthermore, we provide tools to enhance the efficiency of marketing and communications activities. Our continuous efforts for an ideal implementation of all elaborated strategies allow for maximum project success.

In response to the needs of several clients, we have developed special offers for new business founders.


In communications, the PEPATO | GROUP delivers creative, tailor-made advertising services and communications solutions for both traditional and new media. We cover the complete communications process, from concept creation to production.

As part of our holistic approach to communications, we attach great importance to the efficiency aspect and the alignment of all instruments.

The PEPATO | GROUP provides the complete spectrum of communications services. Our portfolio comprises the following domains: graphics, film & DVD, web, tradeshow, animation, event, audio, PR, and sponsoring.

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