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Confidentiality plays a significant role in the work with an external service provider. Our respectability, integrity and reliability provide the basis for the long and successful relationship we entertain with our clients.

Based on our long-term project and industry experience, we offer our clients the following benefits:

Integrated marketing and communications services

Objective external view

Tailor-made solutions

Close cooperation with the client during the project

Competitive advantage through the creation of a strong and unique brand

Cost-efficient service bundles for small and start-up companies

The collaboration of strategists and creative professionals guarantees maximum results and prevents any possible interface problems that might occur between independent service providers. This saves you precious time and effort because you don t have to arrange for the coordination of different parties.
As an uninvolved observer, our judgement of the company’s development potential is free from internal restrictions and past experiences. This outside perspective guarantees a fresh look and provokes innovative ideas.
Due to the uniqueness of each company, product, service, market and brand, we regard it as essential to develop tailor-made solutions that respond to the individual situation and needs.
Our close collaboration with the client assures for comprehensive, relevant and practical solutions
The success of different marketing and communications activities that we develop with our clients partly shows in a rise in sales. More important than this apparent result is the contribution to the brand that often provides the necessary competitive edge to win in an industry.
Marketing consulting is especially relevant for newly founded companies and small firms that recognize the need to set up a marketing division. We want to give small and less prosperous companies the possibility to benefit from our services by offering several service bundles for a reasonable flat rate.